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We are THE place to be if you need a fast cash loan, are looking for that new or previously owned handgun, rifle or shotgun, need custom QUALITY jewelry designed, made or repaired or need a tool, flat screen

FAST cash - and MUCH More!

Not everyone is familiar with what a pawn shop really is. It is just another type of financial institution like a bank. But with a pawn shop, you need no credit to get a loan! Something you own is your line of credit. We store it securly and hand you the cash you need to take care of the daily or sudden expenses. You don't need a loan? Great! We offer some of the very best deals going if you are looking to go shopping. And unlike most retail stores, our inventory changes daily. We are not tied into the same things, day ofter day.

Daily, weekly and monthy specials!

We are offering many limited specials and the ONLY way to find out what many of them are is to 'like' our page on Facebook. Click on the logo below and start getting those notifications! Invite your friends, they will be happy you did.


We make quite a few of our special deals available on eBay, Gunbroker and Amazon. Click here to take you to our current offerings.

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We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds!

Everyone knows how HIGH gold and silver prices are today. NOW is a great time to trade in old, unwanted and broken jewelry, diamonds, watches, silverware, coins and other gold, silver, platinum and palladium items for a STACK OF CASH. It doesn't matter whether or not you know what your items are made from precious metal or not, we offer FREE testing! Everyone can use the money, and at Bargain Pawn and gun, we will be happy to offer it to you. Or perhaps you would like our custom jewelry department to create that new masterpiece for you. Very competitive prices and fast evaluations.

So what is a 'pawn shop' and what do we do?

Just about everyone has heard the term 'pawn shop' but few really know what it means and what we do. Pawn shops are one of THE oldest forms of banking, and one could argue that the North American continent was discovered by the Europeans with the help of one. Yes, Queen Isabella 'pawned' her jewelry to finance the Columbus voyage! The pawn logo of 3 balls goes back to a family crest from medieval times of a family that was one of the earliest pawn brokers. But besides great voyages, what is it we do? Take a read and find out!.

We are stocking firearms dealers!

Besides the MANY used guns we get in, we are also stocking dealers. Even with the current gun shortages, we do our best to maintain an inventory that includes new Ruger, Glock, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Remington, Kel-Tec, Mossberg, Walther, Smith & Wesson and other major brands. If we don't have it, let's see if we can get it for you! (Our FFL is coming, so for the time being, the guns are not out for sale....but soon!)

Ruger kel-tec Springfield Armory Beretta Mossberg Remington Smith & Wesson Walther


We buy, sell and loan on quality tools of all kinds, whether you need professional quality for work or just a quick repair around the house, stop by and check us out!

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Flatscreens, laptops and more of the latest electronics.

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other items

We buy, sell, trade and loan on items of value. You never know what you will find!

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why our cash loans are different!

From lower interest rates to longer loan terms, we offer terms the other pawn shops just can't!

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